Green Hill Farm: A Retrospective #2 — Perseverance

I’m sharing this post again, because today is the 11th anniversary of moving into a home that has been in my family for over 100 years. A home that my husband and I spent a challenging 1 1/2 years restoring. I’m also sharing this post, because it was the first bit of writing that I’d done in over 20 years. Since last year marked a decade of living on my family’s farm and in my ancestral home, I wanted to reflect on the experience. After I wrote about my memories and feelings regarding the beginning of the restoration process, I realized how much I enjoyed writing. This little reflection is why I started my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

fourth generation farmgirl

There’s a sign that hangs in our vestibule or small covered porch that says “PERSEVERANCE,” and it’s been our mantra since moving to Green Hill Farm. My husband and I were in our early 30s when we decided to take on this project. Sometimes when we look back at pictures we say, “WHAT in the world were we thinking? Were we INSANE?!!” Whatever the answer, it was the path taken. This path has lead us on a journey that has been difficult and challenging at times but rewarding and enriching, too. Anyway, we all know that anything worthwhile isn’t easy. Which brings me to the next piece of our story.
The first day we visited the house after construction had started was surreal. It was a hot, humid day in June, and the grass was starting to need cutting. I could smell the fragrance of something blooming that I didn’t…

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