Green Hill Farm: A Retrospective #3 — Faith

Many thanks to those who read my re-post of Green Hill Farm: A Retrospective #2–Perseverance. I greatly appreciated the kind and supportive comments. Since this week marks the 11th anniversary of moving into my family’s ancestral home, I’m also re-posting the sequel and final post regarding the restoration of the main house. I hope you enjoy Green Hill Farm: A Retrospective #3–Faith.

fourth generation farmgirl

In looking back on the experience of saving my family’s homeplace, I’ve realized that not only was it a gesture of love, but more importantly, it was an act of faith. Faith, or wearing my rose-colored glasses as I like to say, sustained us through difficult times and propelled us forward. I don’t know where we would have been without it.
At the beginning of this journey shortly after my parents offered us the homeplace, my mom and I took a walk through the house. I remember walking through the dark, dimly lit downstairs hallway, the musty smell of rooms left undisturbed for too long, and cobwebs carefully covering yesterday’s treasures. I remember slowly climbing the stairs, counting each one as I went up. It made me think of Granddaddy. He once shared a story of the time his Grandmother Rieley visited when he was just a boy; She asked…

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