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“The Weekly Bleat: Shearing Day!”

Welcome to Fourth Generation Farmgirl’s, “The Weekly Bleat.”  For those who aren’t sure, a bleat is the  characteristic sound a sheep makes–similar to a baaah.  In the future, “The Weekly Bleat” will briefly share happenings from Green Hill Farm as well as anything else that’s considered uplifting or entertaining. This first bleat fittingly focuses on our sheep and the semi-annual […]

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More Than A Memento

In life, we often go through our days interacting with others, but not really connecting.  It’s just the way it is.  Most days we are busy, stressed, and distracted–replaying yesterday and worrying about tomorrow.  It can be difficult to be in the moment, to observe and listen, to be present–to look and actually see.  Not that we mean to or […]

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Eggs, Eggs Everywhere!

Growing up on a farm as a child afforded many wonderful experiences.  Meaningful experiences that shaped my values and inspired me.  I remember when I was about 6 or 7 years old, my dad decided that it would be nice to have fresh milk and eggs.  So, he bought a Holstein cow named Bessie and ordered chicks.  I remember sitting in our living room early in the morning before school with an old towel on my lap, carefully cradling a warm, fuzzy chick in my hands–marveling at its tiny body and feet as well as the soft, little sounds it made.  Every morning over the next 2-3 weeks, I would hurriedly get dressed and eat breakfast so that I could hold one for a few minutes before the school bus came.  I loved those little chicks! As the chicks grew into hens, they would free range all through the pastures and even around the house; but, for some reason, though, they didn’t like to lay their eggs in the coop.  Much to my surprise and joy, I would walk along outdoors, and just FIND an egg laying out in the yard or under a bush. It was like an Easter egg hunt!  After making the discovery that the hens were laying eggs ALL OVER the place, I remember enthusiastically running into the house and searching for my Easter basket.  “This is going to be fun!,” I thought.  And it was. […]

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