“The Weekly Bleat: Shearing Day!”

Welcome to Fourth Generation Farmgirl’s, “The Weekly Bleat.”  For those who aren’t sure, a bleat is the  characteristic sound a sheep makes–similar to a baaah.  In the future, “The Weekly Bleat” will briefly share happenings from Green Hill Farm as well as anything else that’s considered uplifting or entertaining.

This first bleat fittingly focuses on our sheep and the semi-annual event of shearing on Green Hill Farm.  Not only do we shear the sheep, but we also do a bit of hoof trimming as well as drenching–administering a dose of liquid dewormer.  Last weekend, we were fortunate to have a lovely, temperate day for this task.  The following photographs illustrate shearing day with my husband Scott, chief sheep wrestler, hoof trimmer and drencher; our wonderful shearer, Diane Poole, who is very patient and gentle with our woollies; and, me–assistant hoof trimmer and drencher.  Oh!  And, I can’t forget– our curious cats, Finn and Olive.

I hope EWE enjoy this week’s bleat!


  1. I like this idea of a short weekly “sharing”…it looks like the day went well and what a gorgeous day it was!!


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