“The Weekly Bleat: Welcome, Dash!”

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

–Anatole France

About six weeks ago we were rescued by Dash–a Pointer/ Border Collie mix (we think).  Thanks to a compassionate and dedicated volunteer at a local animal shelter, Dash’s picture appeared on Facebook as a dog urgently in need of a family.  Since our 15-year-old friend, Sadie, a Labrador Retriever/ Dalmatian mix passed away in July, life just wasn’t the same.  We had become a family urgently in need of a furry friend:  Maud, our Bluetick coonhound, missed her walking and rawhide-chewing buddy and was a bit lonely and forlorn; and, we were downhearted, too.  So, we decided to go meet Dash.  All I can say is once we met him, we fell in love.  Dash is smart, beautiful and extremely affectionate, and now he is the newest member of our family and the Green Hill Farm menagerie.  Welcome, Dash!

I would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the caring and energetic volunteer and friend who helped us adopt Dash.  Ralph Sites, who tirelessly and lovingly works to create a better experience for animals in need, went out of his way to help Dash find his forever home.  Ralph, thank you for all that you did to help bring Dash and our family together, and thanks for the wonderful work that you do EVERYDAY.  You are an angel!


  1. What a lovely dog – rescue dogs may need a bit of extra understanding (who knows what they have been through) but they make up for everything by their thankful devotion. So glad you got him.

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  2. I like the way Dash rescued you instead of you rescuing him!! Isn’t that always the way of life…it is never a one way road…both sides benefit from giving love and receiving love…much love, Lynn

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  3. Having just adopted a rescue dog last week, I completely understand your joy in finding a new addition to your family. There is something very special about dogs in their complete and utter joy and living in the moment. I have learned so much from them, my furry teachers. Namaste.

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