Friday Farm Favorites: Oreo


Our Sweet Foster Kitty


For those of you who follow this blog, you probably know that Farmguy and I love animals.  This affection for “the furry” extends beyond our own little hobby farm.  Over the years, Farmguy and I have advocated for many animals by adopting, fostering, or matching people and pets together.  I also happen to be Facebook friends with most of the animal shelters and humane societies in our area. This time of year is especially busy….and heartbreaking for them.  Last weekend, a local animal shelter posted a picture of this sweet kitty with the words: CODE RED—FULL SHELTER—PLEASE ADOPT.  As I often do, I shared the post.  A few minutes later, our friend, Susan contacted me. She graciously stepped forward to save this cat. There was only one issue: she was out of town and wouldn’t be home for a while.  So, Susan asked if we could adopt and care for Oreo until she could get home.

Of course, we were happy to oblige!  Not only did Susan save Oreo by adopting him, but she also saved another kitty by making more room available at the shelter.  Feeling a bit anxious about the overcrowding situation and the code red, I immediately reached out to the folks at the shelter. They’re not normally open on Mondays, but they were kind enough to make an exception.  So, we adopted Oreo on Monday, and he visited the veterinarian on Tuesday.  Oreo behaved very well and received a clean bill of health.  Currently, he’s adjusting nicely to his quiet and spacious foster home in our barn.  His favorite things are sunning himself in the window, playing with toys, eating soft kitty food (as a treat), and rubbing all over us. He’s really just the sweetest and calmest little thing!  We love him and are happy he’s going to have a good home with Susan and her family. 🙂

If you’re considering a new cat or dog, please visit your local animal shelters or humane societies. There are SO many wonderful animals there that would make terrific pets.  And, if you’re not looking to add a new furry family member right now, you may think about donating food, litter, blankets, or towels.  And, of course, monetary donations are always welcome.  Some shelters even have volunteer programs where you can walk the dogs, or children can read to the cats. Any gesture would be most appreciated!!  Thank you.



Have a wonderful weekend….and maybe visit your local animal shelter. 🙂 xoxo


  1. Adopting abandoned animals is such a worthy and important thing to do. Oreo will be so happy to be ‘home’ for a while before he really goes home to your friend. I’m delighted by this happy ending and by your highlighting of the importance of keeping in touch with shelters and on the ball about animals at high risk. You two deserve all the good things. Truly xoxo

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  2. Lovely post. I dont understand why people buy pets from breeders just to have a “ label” when there are so many wonderful animals just waiting for a home. My cats were kittens hidding in a neighbors greenhouse. Completely free and pricelessly lovely!

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