1. The first theme to change the world is- we all the people of the world are from Adam & Eve. If we all believe that then we couldn’t do any harm to others. And we have to be United to solve our all problem. Then we will be able to change the world into heaven.

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  2. Oh my goodness… I think I listened to it at least three times before I got to my destination. Heartfelt…so many wonderful messages within it…Most importantly for me it reminded me once again that the “good” out ways the “bad” in today’s world. And if we stand together our journey will be everything we have hoped for or dreamed of. Fabulous post…!

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  3. Hi Kali/ Tonya – I thought I’d commented … but must have been elsewhere – sorry to be so dilatory!

    That video is amazing isn’t it – really inspirational and one we all need to watch regularly …

    Can’t get my head round G+ as to who is posting!!

    Cheers Hilary

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