Tuesday Tunes

Photographs courtesy of Farmguy xo


Farming, whether it’s a huge farm or a hobby farm, means staying busy. Recently, Farmguy and I bought a tractor that would allow us to address a few issues as well as take care of routine chores more efficiently.  And, I have to say, operating this new tractor has been a lot of fun!  I’ve loved learning about the power take-off (PTO), throttle, and hydraulics, and I’ve had a ball using the front-end loader to move dirt as well as operating the pallet fork to deliver hay to the sheep.

Since the weather was so beautiful last weekend, I decided to tackle a pile of dirt by my kitchen garden that’s been sitting there for a while. The experience was so peaceful:  Driving the tractor while taking care of the farm, listening to the hum of the engine, surrounded by the fields and big, blue sky….well, it was the best feeling.  Who knew a girl could have SO much fun? 😉




  1. When I left school I did a summer on a farm as a worker because at the time I wanted to go to Agricultural College and if you weren’t born on a farm you had to work on one. It was large by British Standards at 6,000 acres and they gave me a place spanking new tractor – red and shiny and quite small …. how I loved being out in the fields turning the hay and listening to my tunes …. I still can’t listen to the hits from that summer without being transported back to my tractor cab. Your pictures, and your new red eye-catcher really made me smile! And of course, Girls don’t just want to have fun – we know how to have fun!!

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    • Your experience on a farm of that scale sounds amazing. There’s just something about being out in the fresh air and nature that’s inspiring, even if you’re working.
      And, you’re right, girls definitely know how to have fun! Thank you for sharing your lovely memories. 🙂

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  2. How delightful! Sassy said the other day, she loves the things at the children’s museum where you can move the dirt and blocks and stuff, and how they should have those for big kids. I agreed, but I had to say, they have those, for adults. To Work. lol I’m happy to say I don’t need a tractor, but I gotta pay a guy to bring his tractor mower thingy in every now and again.

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  3. I was quite proud when we bought a riding mower which we call our tractor, but your machine is AWESOME looking! Wow. Think I have machine envy, girl! Is that a thing do you think?


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