Tuesday Tunes

Here are some shots of Clementine Kitty breaking in our new braided rug.  She’s demonstrating more of a slide than a strut, but you get the picture. I think she may have worn herself out in the end. At least, she did a thorough job of leaving her scent…EVERYWHERE. Oh well, the joys of cat parenthood!  😉


Happy Tuesday!




  1. Haha! So cute! Round and round and round…Reminds me of babies, how I’d set out a blanket and watch them do much the same. I’ve noticed our kitten one has a thing for rugs unlike any other cat we’ve had. Clementine certainly likes it 🙂

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  2. That photo montage reminds me of those old How To Dance books with pictures of each step.

    How to Do the Kitty

    1. Flop on floor.
    2. Roll to side.
    3. Rolls to other side.
    4. Roll on back with belly exposed.
    5. Twist back around and use claws to drag yourself demonically around the room in a frenzied zig-zag pattern.
    6. Repeat.

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