Green Hill Farm: A Retrospective

This time twelve years ago, Farmguy and I moved into my family’s ancestral home, now our home, embarking on a life on Green Hill Farm; a life filled with mountains, pastures, sheep, chickens, and whatever dog or cat who finds its way here. I decided to re-blog this post for new followers as well as myself. Sometimes, in the rush of daily life, it’s good to remember what inspired us to take this path. As I read this post and see family members in the photos, my heart is full.  And, I definitely remember the reason I’m here.

I hope you enjoy this post and take a moment to remember what inspires you. 🙂

fourth generation farmgirl


Ten years ago this year, my husband, Scott and I moved to the place where I grew-up. Although Green Hill Farm in rural Virginia is a 100-year-old family farm, the main house was built around 1790, the brick cottage between 1750-1775, and the farm was referred to as Green Hill as early as the mid-1800s. My great-grandparents bought this farm in 1912 and started Green Hill Dairy Farm. My grandfather was only 2-years old when they moved here, and his sister Florence was born in the main house in 1915. My grandparents were married in December 1933, moved into the brick cottage and continued with the family farm. My dad was born upstairs in the cottage in 1940.
I spent the first part of my life in an environment of beautiful scenery, mountains, meadows, fresh air, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, farm animals and most importantly, living next door to my grandparents…

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  1. Nice! You have done a good job archiving photos of your fore fathers! History of your family is well preserved for the future generation to know who their grand parents were. Very nice for the family!!😊

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