As a speech and language pathologist, I had a little fun with this acrostic poem.




Connecting with

Others, using various

Methods to


Understanding and expression of language:

Nonverbal language–

Including, eye

Contact, facial expression, body language,


Tone of voice.  Of course, verbal language

Is the alternative;

One that requires lots of

Nifty words….spoken and signed.


~Tonya R. Hengerer

This photo illustrates how nonverbal language can effectively communicate a state of mind, often better than verbal language.  The sweet, blue dress that I’m wearing in this photo was either made by an aunt or a cousin’s aunt.  I really didn’t like it at all.  I don’t like to use the word hate, but….I. Hated. It.  Growing up, I preferred trousers to dresses and despised anything that was scratchy.  Let me just say, I never wore that dress again.  I’m pretty sure I successfully communicated that sentiment to my mother without saying a word.


  1. Oh yeah. My MIL shoved baby Sissy into something equally blue and frilly, although I cannot imagine why anyone wants a photo of an unhappy kid in a pretty dress…
    You poor thing.

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    • Thanks, Joey. I may have been a bit dramatic about wearing the dress. 😉
      There was probably a battle of wills. I obviously lost the dress battle; however, let me just say…I won the clothing war. I believe I wore the same pair of trousers–my absolute favorite pair–almost everyday of second grade. 🙂

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  2. Oh, my…that dress ! Your face says it all. ☺ I was forced to wear a dress I hated (picked out by my mother) at a district Spelling Bee…fortunately, no one took a picture…at least that I know of . Very good acrostic. 💖

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  3. Believe it or not, I actually have a dress pic to top that one…..I was just like you wanting trousers instead of dresses…..who can climb trees in dresses? One year my mother had made matching dresses for my sister and I complete with what I called prairie bonnets. OMG. Suffice it to say, they were worn to church once on the day and never again. 🙂

    Also, the window behind you in the pic… could be from my parents’ house where I grew up. Very strange how similar some of our experiences have been!

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