The Weekly Bleat: Barn Dance


Farmguy and I have a running joke that we should install a disco ball and strobe lights in our barn.  This is due to my disappearance for long periods, during which time, I’m supposed to be taking care of farm chores.  You see, we have a radio in the barn to keep the barn cats company.  And, sometimes while I’m feeding sheep or cleaning the kitty rooms, a really good song, or two, will play on the radio.  I love to dance, and simply can’t help myself when I hear good music.  So, very often, I end up adding a few extra minutes to my chore routine by twirling and grooving around the barn to awesome tunes.  Thankfully, the sheep and cats don’t seem to mind.

The other day when I was dancing in the barn, ahem, doing farm chores, I heard a fun song called “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” by a group called Cake.  At first, I liked it for its rhythm and attitude.  It also had some colorful and snappy lyrics, full of hyperbole and metaphors; however, the closer I listened to the lyrics, the more I noticed irony and sarcasm.  After finishing my chores, I kept thinking about the song and its unusual title and lyrics.  My antenna went up, partially, because I graduated from a women’s college. And, I’m probably a little more sensitive to the subject matter, having completed a few women’s studies courses in college.  So, I decided to do a little looking to find out more about the song’s underlying meaning.  In my search for more information behind the meaning of the music, I found an article by a blog called the Religiously Sanctioned Co-Habitation Chronicles.  The author highlights the lyrics that, in his opinion, reflect the “double standard placed on women in a post-feminist world, detailing the pull of career as well as the pull of domesticity.”  All in all, it was a thought-provoking post.

Here’s the thing:  Who says dancing in the barn is a waste of time?  Sometimes, a good musical uplift can lead to something interesting! 😉



  1. Yes, I have always liked this song, and I agree to the other blog’s analysis of its imagery and intent. Very complicated subject, which I no longer enjoy discussing, but about which I like to shout at women, “DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY!” (Because, you know, people will hate on you anyway; you may as well be happy!)
    Dancing is impossible to resist. I cannot resist it. I am a person who will dance most anywhere to most anything. IT MAKES ME HAPPY 😉

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  2. While driving in my car today I turned the radio from my usual talk radio to a random music station. They were playing “Mama Mia” (Abba) and then “Stayin’ Alive” (Bee Gees) and I thought – what the heck – I turned up the music as loud as possible and did a little shameless dancin’ in my drivers seat…took me back to my college days. So keep dancin’ Tonya and let the music inspire you!

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    • Thanks, Becky. I love Abba, and the Bee Gees is certainly the band to make you want to dance! I had their Saturday Night Fever album and absolutely wore it out playing it over and over. 😉 It always amazes me how great music can transcend time and transform your mood. 🙂

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  3. Definitely an interesting song with a great beat. I can see why you’d break out in dance! As for me, I can’t imagine painting, or my life for that matter, without the accompaniment of music. Dance on, Sister!

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  4. I’m going to enjoy your blog, so glad you stopped by mine. ☺ I found out that the couple who renovated the farmhouse I spoke of in my post had their wedding rehearsal dinner in the barn before they even started work on the house. It was lit up like a Christmas setting, and just beautiful. It could happen. Music always rules ! 💖

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    • Oh, thanks so much. I really appreciate your kind comment! I think having a wedding rehearsal dinner in a rustic barn sounds enchanting–how lovely. I keep thinking that I would like to have a gathering in our old barn sometime. I think you’ve inspired me. 🙂

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  5. That looks like the perfect place for a disco ball. Hey, you never know what great seeds of wisdom might be generated from twirling and grooving. A new idea, a new concept, a new Shark Tank success story..:)

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