More Than A Memento

Since I’m spending the first week of the New Year in one of my favorite places–the Cotswolds, I thought I would re-share a post that means a lot to me. I met the lady in this story two years ago and have since gotten to know her better during subsequent visits. She is one of the warmest, most authentic people I’ve ever met, and I felt a connection with her immediately. I always look forward to visiting and chatting with her and am thankful to know such a remarkable person.

fourth generation farmgirl

In life, we often go through our days interacting with others, but not really connecting.  It’s just the way it is.  Most days we are busy, stressed, and distracted–replaying yesterday and worrying about tomorrow.  It can be difficult to be in the moment, to observe and listen, to be present–to look and actually see.  Not that we mean to or want to, but sometimes we operate on a superficial level.  This is partly because we are so engaged in our own worlds, disconnected and unable to relate to something outside of ourselves.

I’m reminded of an experience I had this summer while visiting my most favorite place–England.  My husband and I were spending the day in a Cotswolds market town in Gloucestershire, a charming place with honey-colored, stone architecture and baskets full of colorful, cascading flowers adorning the front of every other building.  As we made our way along the…

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