Virginia Wine: Pursuing a Dream

October is Virginia Wine Month, and I thought I would share this early post regarding a Virginia winemaker and his story. Rutger de Vink and RdV Vineyard are quickly gaining notice and for good reason: beautiful wines that are a cross between Napa and Bordeaux, characterized by the perfect balance of fruit and minerality. These boutique-style wines are becoming sought-after and collectible, and part of the reason for this success is de Vink’s master blender, Eric Boissenot. Boissenot is one of the most important consultant-enologists in the world. Based in the Médoc, he currently consults and blends for all five First-Growths of Bordeaux as well as other Bordeaux estates. His particular interest is in the influence of soil on wine quality, and because Boissenot thought the terroir of these Virginia wines was so stunning, he volunteered to consult with Rutger de Vink and RdV Vineyard.  RdV is the only vineyard in the United States that receives input from Eric Boissenot.

I hope you enjoy this post.  Have a lovely day!


  1. We were staying at a B&B a few years ago in Charlotteville and had a conversation at breakfast with a gentleman from Napa whose business was wines. He told us then, that the area we were in was the next Napa. We visited several vineyards and aside from the gorgeous countryside, the wines were very good. I’m not a wine expert but even I could tell there was something there.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Charlottesville. It’s such a beautiful area, and the wines there are very good. I believe wines from Barboursville Winery have been served at the White House for State dinners (Octagon), and the former Kluge Winery (now Trump Winery) provided the sparkling wine at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding as well. I also read recently that Virginia was named by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as one of the top ten wine destinations worldwide. You’ll have to come back for a visit soon! 🙂

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