Mostly Yellow


  1. That was a great post, Tonya! Aside from starting it with one of my favorite Coldplay songs, you followed it with beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. So I have a question! On eggs. The eggs that we consume – are they fertilized or unfertilized?? I always used to think that the ones we use for cooking are unfertilized. Can you explain a bit about these eggs? A lovely egg-post will also be most welcome!

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    • Hey Prajakta! The eggs that we consume aren’t fertilized. Places that raise hens for egg production don’t have roosters in the same area as the egg layers. On a farm, an egg may be fertilized; however, once it’s washed and refrigerated there will be no chick. A fertilized egg has to be kept warm by the mother hen or incubated in order to hatch.
      I’ll start thinking about an egg-post! πŸ™‚


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