Friday Farm Favorites: Maud Update

In our household, this is what we refer to as a “pookie face.”  It usually results in not feeling well, needing extra attention, or both.  As you can see, Maud is wearing such a face in this picture.  While she made gains with her platelet count increasing from 17,000 to over 200,000 within her first week home, Maud’s platelet count decreased this week to around 100,000 secondary to a change with her steroid medication; however, I’m happy to report that we did receive some good news today.  Her ultrasound came back fine, which was a big relief.

We are just so thankful to see Maud feeling better, wagging her tail a bit more, and……..howling.  They’re not full force Maud melodies; her howls are still a little raspy and off-pitch, but they were music to our ears!

I would like to thank everyone who offered concern, compassion, and encouragement for Maud.  We deeply appreciate it.


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