The Weekly Bleat: Acceptance and Gratitude

*Pictured are Clover and Hamish. Β Two of the sweetest sheep ever! πŸ™‚

Acrostic Poetry by Tonya R. Hengerer



Circumstances or

Conditions to

Evolve with

Peace and patience in your heart,


An opportunity to

Notice how a little faith and gratitude

Can transform any unfavorable life

Event into something better.





Through every moment and small


Truly seeing and

Understanding the miracle of each


Especially the challenging ones.

Much of my fortitude comes from these lovely surroundings. The farm animals as well as the mountains and meadows inspire a grateful heart.


  1. “Truly seeing the miracle in each day.” Beautifully stated, Tonya. The entire post was wonderful, especially considering the constraints of the piece. It flowed like words in a conversation – well done!

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  2. Love!! Jackie sent Scott an email to come by and see the baby on Saturday, if you like. Be sure he shows you.


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