The Weekly Bleat: Hamish

Hamish is one of our two sheep that was a bottle-fed lamb.  He has tons of personality and a little bit of attitude as well.  Whenever we are outside, he always baaahs at us to say hello.  And, when it’s time for grain, well, I do believe he would walk up to the house and ask for it if he could.

Lately, we’ve been putting the sheep inside the barn at night as a precaution as we had two red foxes in the paddock last week.  At dusk, we get a scoop of grain, the sheeps’ favorite, and lead them into the barn.  Last evening, Farmguy was a little later than usual getting home from work, and it was already dark.  I was inside the house starting dinner when I heard a “BAAAH” ring out loud and true.  I listened, again, and another “BAAAH” resounded from the sheep paddock.  I walked over to the kitchen window and looked out to make sure everything was okay.  Standing at the gate, staring at the house was, you guessed it–Hamish.  We were a little late with a grain treat, and he was just reminding us that he was waiting.  Of course, he wasn’t the only one waiting; they were all standing there eagerly staring at the house.  Hamish was just their representative, probably because he has the loudest, most demanding “BAAAH.”

Sometimes, after Farmguy feeds the sheep grain and hay in the mornings, Hamish will run back to the gate and produce one last insistent “BAAAH” as Farmguy is walking away.  This always bugs him, because that “BAAAH” is not very endearing.  I suppose it’s a good thing Hamish is so cute!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!


    • Hamish actually loves attention, especially when I rub his ears and nose. He stands very still and closes his eyes. When I stop and start to walk away, he picks up his little hoof and “paws” at the fence for me to come back and “love” on him. So, a hug would probably be appreciated. 😉

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