In the Garden

This is a re-share of a short story I wrote last January.  It features English garden photos from some of my favorite places in the Cotswolds:  Highclere Castle, Sudeley Castle, Cotswold Lavender Fields/ Snowshill, and Blenheim Palace. Happy Sunday! 🙂   As she sat looking out the window, her gaze settled on the sunflowers blooming in the garden below her room.  She watched as a light wind caused them to sway back and forth in the afternoon sunshine. Becoming entranced with the movement of the flowers, her mind drifted, but only for a moment.  When she looked up, she saw a figure in the distance walking up the path towards the house.  It was Graham. They had only known one another for a short while, but her heart jumped at the sight of him.  He was well-mannered, possessing a gentle nature that had impressed her from the beginning of their acquaintance. And, he had the most delightful smile. She always looked forward to their walks together.  They often took the same walk:  up the hill, past the folly, and through the meadows of blooming wild flowers.  As they walked along, chatting, he smiled affectionately at her, and she couldn’t remember feeling happier.  Being in his company felt so natural. Walking past the tulip populars, they finally arrived at the boxwood-enclosed rose garden.  Boxwoods, only about two feet high, formed a perimeter around a spacious area filled with pink and red […]

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Got Tenacity?


  This sunflower inspires me.  I’ve planted these cheerful blooms in my garden a number of times, and they haven’t come up–maybe, because the birds ate the seeds.  I really don’t know.  But, two summers ago, this little sunflower sprung up in our backyard of its own volition.  It didn’t just grow….it thrived.  To my surprise and joy, it bloomed […]

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Tuesday Tunes: The Glamorous Life?


This post is dedicated to our beautiful and resilient sheep:  Violet, Hamish, Clover, Rosebud, Fern, Ivy, Heather, Olive, Button, and Daisy. The glamorous life? Not quite. Farm life definitely isn’t glamorous, but that’s okay.  It’s fulfilling.  And, it means everything to us. Farmguy and I enjoy interacting with all of our sentient, intelligent, and sweet animals. We also love that […]

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An Afternoon With My Favorite Bubbly Blogger

I’m fortunate to be a member of my local book club–The Friday Book Club.  This wonderful band of readers was established in 1935. And, this year, I have the privilege of being president. As such, I thought it would be fun and festive to ask Becky Ellis, author of The Bubby BEE to speak to all of us about sparkling wines and Champagne for the holidays.  We enjoyed Becky’s presentation, and of course, her sparkling personality.  Many thanks, Becky! , One of the best things about blogging is meeting fun people who share the same interests. At first glance Tonya, author of, and I could not seem more different…she lives on a farm complete with chickens and sheep. I get nervous if I get too far from a city sidewalk. But we both love […] via Size Matters When Drinking Bubbles + A Sip Of English Bubbly —

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