A Beloved View


“Sunset on Green Hill Farm,” 36 x 48 acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Original artwork by Tonya Rieley Hengerer


This coming May 8th will mark 18 years since restoration was completed on my family’s circa 1790s ancestral home.  My family’s home place was purchased by my great-grandparents in 1912. The reference photo that inspired this painting was taken from an upstairs window, and it’s the view I see first thing every morning.  I have appreciated countless colorful sunsets from this vantage point, and one of my favorite scenes includes the sheep grazing or lying peacefully in the pasture. When I look out at the mountain and fields, I have a sense of calm that I only have when I’m at home.



“I hear the mountain birds, the sound of rivers singing

A song I’ve often heard,

it flows through me now

So clear and so loud

I stand where I am and forever I’m dreaming of home…

It’s carried in the air, the breeze of early morning

I see the land so fair, my heart opens wide…”

~Philippe Rombi


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


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