The Weekly Bleat: Jimmy Stewart & His Dog Beau

I’ve always loved the late actor James (Jimmy) Stewart.  I first discovered him in one of the many Alfred Hitchcock films in which he appeared.  But, my favorite Jimmy Stewart film of all time is still the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful life.

Most people are familiar with Stewart’s work, but if you’re not, I hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful and moving tribute he wrote to his beloved dog, Beau.




  1. I remember Jimmy Stewart from the classic movies. I love the way he mouths his words – his pronunciation is most unique and I think that is what distinct him from others and makes him uniquely Jimmy Stewart! Happy Friday to you and cheers to a great weekend ahead. Enjoy International Women’s Day!

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  2. Just watched this for a second time. Jimmy Stewart was a brilliant actor, I’ve watched many a movie with him in, I have fond memories watching his films with my dad, but I agree, the best by far was ‘It’s a Wonderful World’. I’ve forgotten how many times I must have watched it, but it’s many. What a beautiful poem for his dog and of course, so well read.

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