Farmgirl in Firenze–May 2017

“We talk of many things as we walk and do not realize, as we go through the tiny cobbled streets, pass the crowded cafes and gelataries, that Florence is gingerly working its charm and paving its way through our hearts.” – (source)

“Firenze and the surrounding Tuscan countryside are the most sensuous places I have ever visited. The splendorous art of the city is a kaleidoscopic circus of colors, figures, lines, and shapes which dazzle the eye. The aromas of delicious cuisine waft out of the trattorie and into the streets. And the sounds of the city – from the bells of the imposing campanile to the massive church organs to the street musicians – create a marvelous musical melody accompanying you on every corner.” – Jack Meyer, CAPA Florence alum

Celebrating an early 20th anniversary in Tuscany. 


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