I recently discovered a unique band–a quartet of musicians from Vancouver Island, Canada called, The Fretless.  Each member plays the violin, viola, and cello, transforming fiddle tunes and folk melodies into intricate, beautiful, and high energy arrangements of the Celtic traditions.  A number of their upbeat and spirited songs just may inspire you to kick up your heels.  In 2012, The Fretless released their debut album, Waterbound.  This album received critical acclaim with the group winning Instrumental Album of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards.  And, at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, The Fretless walked away with both Ensemble of the Year and Instrumental Group of the Year.

“Waterbound,” the song for which the band’s first album is named, is my favorite.  I loved it as soon as I heard it.  “Waterbound” is hauntingly beautiful and moving, especially in the way the emotional quality of the music and the poetry of the lyrics powerfully convey the storyteller’s situation of being trapped, alone, while contemplating her ruin without rescue or redemption—but, proceeding, clear-eyed, with a spirit of resolve.  The music is really lovely.  I hope you enjoy it!

The following acrostic poem and photo collage were inspired by the song, “Waterbound.”




Wandering to

Avoid being

Trapped by


Rushing waters in the night, and

Bearing an


Understanding that

Nature may

Decide this fight.

~Tonya R. Hengerer




  1. I think you live in Paradise. It is so beautiful there. I have read your nice post whilst I was listening your favourites 🙂 They are good. Really good. This is what I recommend to you:

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