Friday Farm Favorites

It is hard to believe that it’s been a year since we adopted Dash from the Campbell County Animal Shelter. After our beloved friend and pet, Sadie passed in July 2014, we experienced a void.  It just wasn’t the same having only one dog, and Maud seemed a little forlorn.  So, when Dash’s picture showed up in my Facebook feed as a dog in urgent need of a home, we decided to visit him at the animal shelter.  As soon as we saw Dash, we immediately loved him.  Over the past year, Maud and Dash have bonded, becoming good friends; and, Clementine Kitty even tolerates his presence.  Dash has become a wonderful addition to Green Hill Farm as he’s one of the most intelligent, sensitive, and affectionate pets we’ve ever known.

If you are considering a pet for your family, I would encourage a visit to your local animal shelter.  There are so many sweet and beautiful animals there that need a home.  When you rescue an animal, you not only save a life, but you end up enriching your own.

Here are a few pictures from our first year with Dash.


  1. Your pup is beautiful! I was at the pet store today for bird food, and noticed all of the cats up for adoption. So sad! They are worthy of a loving family and a good home. Thanks for this post, Tonya!

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    • Thank you, Joey. 😊 I really appreciate that your animals are rescues, too. There are so many animals that need good homes, and these dogs and cats are just as lovable and wonderful as the ones you could buy. And, you’re exactly right….we end up being the ones who are rescued! 🙂


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