Friday Farm Favorites: Maud and Dash

Maud, our Bluetick hound, is quite a character and a connoisseur of rawhide bones.  She’s also affectionately known as “The Bone Pest” at our house.  This is chiefly because she likes to snarf her bone in 30 seconds and then plop herself down across from Dash, who’s attempting to enjoy his bone in peace.  FAT CHANCE!  Maud will usually lie a foot or two away and stare into Dash’s face as he’s chewing his bone, and sometimes she howls for good measure. The following photos were taken last evening as we were grilling out and hanging with the dogs on the patio. Maud to Dash:  “Yes, I’m coveting your bone.”


  1. Love it! Ours not only covet, though — sometimes they’ll share. I’ve seen Phoebe take a bone literally FROM GRACIE’S MOUTH. Unbelievable. (Oh, and antlers last a lot longer around here than rawhide.)

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  2. Haha, this actually makes me think of what my husband and I must look like when we go out to eat. Years of military and police work have trained him to eat in a hurry. I am a pokey eater, so he always finishes his food first then sits and looks longingly at my plate. He’s the Maud to my Dash!

    What beautiful babies you have! They are both gorgeous!

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    • Thank you for thinking of me, Prajakta! That’s so nice. I’m looking forward to it! I have a couple of other challenges that were given to me recently. So, I will start this Five Days, Five Photos Challenge as soon as I can. Thanks, again! 🙂

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