“The Weekly Bleat: Home Sweet Home”


The chicks are a month old now and scampering about like crazy.  Instead of the tiny fluff balls they were just a few short weeks ago, they are beginning to resemble small chickens.  With their increase in size and activity, it was time to move these little guys to their permanent residence–the chicken coop.  So, after scrubbing it down and airing it out the previous weekend, the coop was ready for its new tenants.  The chicks seem to really like their new home, enjoying the extra space to walk around and explore.  Here are a few pictures of moving day!



  1. My grandmother raised geese and ducks, it was always fun playing with them…until Thanksgiving. She would trade them to the local butcher shop for various things, and one cleaned and dressed for Thanksgiving. It was years before I realized that we weren’t having turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

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      • Not really, I thought it was neat that we could do something others in our neighborhood didn’t. We lived in a duplex in the city at the time, with a yard smaller than the house, but times were different and no one was bothered by the sounds. I seriously doubt anyone could do that these days.

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      • Growing up with animals is a special experience. I’m very sensitive about them and get attached easily. However, raising animals for food is the main point most of the time. I think more and more neighborhoods are modifying ordinances these days to allow a few backyard hens (no roosters). Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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