Discovering Texas Vineyards

This is a wonderful and informative article on the growing wine industry in Texas written by the author of Talk-a-Vino. Cheers!


Glasses at Duchman WineryAbout 10 years ago, one of the people I was working with was living in Texas, and I remember he mentioned in one of the conversations – Texas makes world-class wines. I said – really? He insisted that he knew some people visiting from France who were literally raving about the Texas wines. This stuck in my head – but I had no way of verifying that claim – no Texas wines can be found in the stores in Connecticut.

About two years ago, during one of the business trips to Austin, it suddenly downed on me – I will be in a close proximity to the Texas wines – I just need to make an effort to find them (you know how those business trips work – airport/hotel/meeting/airport – to step outside of the routine actually requires determination). I found some addresses on Internet, for what I thought were…

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  1. Tony, I was just looking for your post about Asparagus and came across this one about Texas wines 🙂 I was just at Duchman’s last weekend and it was so good I joined their wine club. Anyways, Happy Friday!

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      • No problem Tonya it was a great post!!!
        August can be hard to getaway for the husband but I might could the first week of August. All of the schools start back mid August and I know I will not be able to get away then until Thanksgiving. But my calendar is pretty open now until then 😀
        Looking toward to meeting up!!

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