• Thank you! I took these pictures last summer after our dog, Sadie, passed away ( I wrote a post about Sadie & Scout called “Friends”). That area is where we placed her. The dove sat on the fence near Sadie for the longest time. I wanted to think it represented Sadie’s spirit (probably sounds corny). Anyway, it helped me to feel peaceful about her. 🙂

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  1. I am a bird lover, a few years ago I had 17 birds, but I didn’t keep them in cages, I had cages but left them open so they could fly about the house freely. Once a day I took whoever was in the cages outside to bath in the sun, I cut up fruit and leafy greens for them, made bird toys and played with them everyday. I loved my birds, they helped me lose weight, they communicated with me, they serenaded me, they were my friends. Over time they trusted me and I trusted them, one lucky bird went to the grocery store with me, perched on my shoulder his could fly away but he never did, he stuck with me and that touched my heart. We had a few runners but that’s life, I didn’t mind I just hoped they found happiness somewhere else. Sadly I had to leave my birds when I broke up with my boyfriend, God knows what he did with them.

    I know some people don’t agree with having birds as pets but I felt as if I was rescuing them from over stuffed cages at pet stores. Your post reminded me of all of those good times. I miss MY birds but I cherish the time we spent together.

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    • Animals can be wonderful companions. I understand that birds are actually quite intelligent. Chickens, for example, use and understand at least 30-40 different communicative calls. They also use different calls to indicate that there’s a predator coming by air versus by land. And, chicks understand the concept of object permanence before human babies.

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