The True Cost of Real Food

I hope you enjoy this wonderful and timely post by the author of Full Circle Farm. Please visit her blog to comment. Thanks!

FullCircle Farm

Welcome to our farm Welcome to our farm

Every morsel of food you eat, every bite of food you feed to your family was at it’s point of origin, grown, raised, caught or harvested by someone. Most likely this person was a farmer. Farmers are the essential ingredient to our ability to eat. Farms from enormous to micro-sized all play a part in our food system. The vast majority of farmers are extremely hard working, intelligent, dedicated professionals of their trade. Since a vast majority of citizens aren’t able to grow their own food a farmer is pretty essential… well… to life. So it seems farms, farming, farmers are pretty darn important!

When you are purchasing food, say an apple, a head of broccoli, a carton of milk, a steak, or a dozen eggs you are supporting a farmers work. You are not just purchasing something to put into your stomach, you are purchasing…

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