An Expression of Perseverance

Since May is Better Speech, Language, and Hearing Month, I thought I would re-share this post about a very special student of mine.

Have a great weekend!! 🙂

fourth generation farmgirl

As a speech and language pathologist, I’ve worked in a number of settings, including hospital, public school, and private clinic.  I’ve also worked with adults as well as children.  Although I enjoy working with people of all ages with varying speech and language issues, I find that working with children is especially enriching and rewarding.  Children who have limited communication skills are typically identified and treated for their speech or language delays between the ages of two and eight; this is usually due to having difficulty expressing themselves effectively and/or having limited understanding of language.  Children who have delayed speech and language skills may also demonstrate challenging behaviors, such as, tantrums, hitting, and biting.

In my opinion, behavior IS communication; and, for many children without effective communication skills, it’s their only method of expressing themselves.  After all, not being able to tell someone we’re hungry or really need to use the…

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    • Thank you for such a kind and generous comment, Doug. 😊
      I believe we can ALL have a positive impact on others….even in small ways. Seeing something from another’s point of view is always a good start.
      BTW: Let us know next time you & Laura visit Bedford. Maybe we can all get together.


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