Christmas at Blenheim Palace

I absolutely love the Cotswolds. Whenever my husband and I are in the area, we always visit Blenheim Palace–birthplace of Winston Churchill. I would like to share a post by Emma, author of The Cotswolds Wanderer blog. She visits the loveliest places and shares her observations and stunning photographs. I hope you’ll visit her blog as well as enjoy this beautiful and festive post.

Cotswolds wanderer


In my mind I like to compare myself to Achilles. I am one strong superhuman capable of resisting the most pernicious, vicious, dangerous monster of our times: advertising. Brainwashed I may be by all the glitter and the glamour but still I stand strong in order to appease my master and second monster of our time: the credit card. At least, so I thought until Blenheim Palace sent me one email to advertise their Christmas event and I took my camera there in a flash, thinking of the pictures I would take to supplement this very post and down £23 for the annual entrance.
As ascertained by other posts on this blog, I am fond of Blenheim Palace. I have visited it in all seasons but never at this time of year, thinking I would miss the enchanting vegetation that makes the gardens so unique. I was wrong however as…

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  1. It cut me off too soon..:) I love that area of the country, the quaint villages, countryside, churches. We used Chipping Camden as a base and toured the area. Can’t wait to go back one day.

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