Meet Rademenes, The Remarkable Nurse Cat

I absolutely loved this story about Rademenes, a cat that cares for and comforts other animals in need. It’s a wonderful reminder of the sentient and intuitive nature of animals. Thank you to FACE Foundation for sharing such an uplifting and beautiful story.

Have a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. As a cat owner (Prior dog and cat owner) I can tell you my animals adored each other. My lone Kitty-Tyler (Age 4) is for sure “my Cat” he has amazing instincts and is as loveable as they come. When I adopted him we had not had a pet in the home for a few years. The minute I saw this kitty at 8 weeks old I knew he would be mine-adoption was immediate. He knows when one of my children aren’t well and snoops around to check, then comes and finds me “As if to say” hey Mom someone needs you. Sometimes Tonya it is comical. Love this story absolutely precious. Cheryl

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