Fiber Festivals: Fun and Educational

For those of you who live in Virginia, the Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier is coming up in a couple of weeks–the first weekend in October. It’s a great way to spend a day with your family.

fourth generation farmgirl

What is a fiber festival you may ask.  A fiber festival is a wholesome, fun event for the entire family that seeks to educate and entertain, while also highlighting the beauty of an industry in which few may be aware exists.  The presentation of fiber-producing animals, such as sheep, and their products allows the public to develop their interest and skills in these areas.

There are many fiber festivals held every year throughout the United States.  My favorites are the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival held at the Howard County Fairgrounds the first weekend in May (largest on east coast) and the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival in Virginia which is held the first weekend in October.  There is so much to see and do at these fiber festivals:  Learning about many different breeds of sheep, interacting with the lambs, watching someone card and spin wool, observing the skill and discipline…

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  1. At first I had thought that this was something to do with Metamucil. 😀 I bet that the kids love this event. The photos really captured the flavor of the day, Tonya. Thanks for posting them!

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