Love/Hate Challenge

I was nominated by the lovely Judy, author of Edwina’s Episodes, to take part in this fun challenge.  Please take time to visit her fantastic blog.  It’s always fresh and original and full of lots of humor and wit.

This challenge consists of listing ten things that I love and ten things that I hate, and nominating ten bloggers to do the same.

Things I love:

1.  Quiet mornings with my husband and menagerie of pets and farm animals.

2.  The singing and chirping sounds of wrens and mockingbirds coming from my garden.

3.  Making a true connection with another person.

4.  Gracious and kindhearted people.

5.  Those first little, yellow blooms on a tomato plant that turn into wonderful, juicy tomatoes.

6.  Creating something:  a poem, a sketch, a story, a new dish or recipe, or something crafty.

7.  When the lilacs, peonies, irises, and roses are all blooming at the same time in my garden–so beautiful.

8.  Watching a thunderstorm from my front porch.

9.  The sound of my dad’s old tractor and the smell of freshly cut hay.

10. A glass of Champagne and the view of my sheep grazing in the pasture.

Things I hate:

1.  Abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of humans or animals.

2.  When one of my animals is hurt or not feeling well.

3.  Worry and anxiety—SIGH.

4.  Being TOO busy.

5.  Disrespectful behavior.

6.  Stink bugs–especially when they dive bomb me while I’m reading in bed…YUCK!

7.  Bad timing.

8.  How certain unfiltered red wines stain my teeth blue–EEEK!

9.  Weeds in my flower and vegetable gardens.

10. Frozen pipes.

These are my ten nominees:

I nominate the following bloggers for this challenge.  There is no obligation, of course.

1. Barnraised

2. Almost Farmgirl

3. Meals With Mel

4. the belle abroad–a southern belle on an adventure abroad

5. Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

6. Riddle from the Middle

7. Becky’s bubbles blog

8. the fork of dreams

9. The Sock MIstress

10. The Chicago Files 


  1. Thank you Tonya, I will enjoy pondering this and will respond soon. I will enjoy reading Edwina’s blog too. I agree with you, those little yellow flowers on our tomato plants hold so much promise…can’t wait ’til tomato season is in full bloom!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so interesting how a particular smell can bring back a memory. Smelling the freshly cut hay on our farm is an experience I’ve had almost every year since I’ve been a child. I understand why that brings back special memories of your grandmother. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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