Friday Farm Favorites: The Little Things




Farmgirl and Clementine Kitty

Mornings on Green Hill Farm


This is how I greet every morning on Green Hill Farm…with sweet Clementine nuzzling my hand and encouraging wakefulness with her dainty kitty kisses.  I love Clemmie Cat, and I’m grateful for such a lovely beginning to each day.  This may seem like a little thing, but it isn’t.  When we account for every small thing that’s positive in our lives, what we find, is it really adds up to something quite significant.

Last summer, I began keeping a gratitude journal.  Just a notebook, nothing fancy, that I wrote in every night before going to sleep.  Some days, I had more to list than others.  But, this is what I discovered: The more I considered my day and all the blessings that had occurred throughout it, the longer my lists became over time.  Besides helping me to create longer lists, this exercise of gratitude also created more happiness and overall contentment in my life.

When compiling a daily gratitude list, I always start with all the main things like health, Farmguy, family, Dash, Bizou, Clemmie Cat, our home and farm (sheep & chickens), friends, my art teacher and art class, the interesting and nice people who take time to visit my blog, or projects Farmguy and I do together—like taking wine courses & teaching wine classes to my P.E.O. Sisterhood or to his clients at appreciation events.

But then, I remember the other wonderful things that make up my days and bring meaning and peace as well:  a sunny day on the farm; views of the mountains, pastures, and sheep from the upstairs windows of our home; quiet moments with Bizou, Dash, and Clemmie cuddling with me on the sofa; my first cup of coffee in the morning; a feeling of accomplishment when the house is clean and the laundry is done; a glass of something sparkling shared with friends; a warm home, feeding Clover, Hamish, and Ivy grain out of my hand each afternoon; petting my favorite Speckled Sussex hen as I’m collecting eggs; a hot bath, a cup of ginger-peach tea in the evening, or a kind word or note from someone during the day.

Although there are so many positive moments in our daily lives to appreciate, I think it’s important to count the challenging ones as well.  Some of us have people or circumstances that have disappointed or let us down.  But, before we cast these experiences away as something negative, we should really examine their value.  I truly believe that God brings people, and often, certain situations into our lives for a reason.  The reason may be for us to know our strength in dealing with adversity and embrace change for personal growth, or it may be an opportunity to know our capacity for compassion in forgiving others.

Here’s the thing:

Life is a messy…but amazing journey.  And, if we have faith and gratitude for ALL of its beauty and meaning, then hopefully, we will have more peace, love, and light in our hearts to share with others.  After all, that’s no little thing.


Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Such a wonderful post and fantastic idea. I truly believe that God brings people and situations into our lives for a reason, too. It’s good to reflect and be mindful of things we are blessed with, even the small things. 🌞

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  2. I know I’ve said this before, but truly Tonya I cannot tell you how wonderful your blog makes me feel. It is as if I’m getting a break from the chaotic city-life here in Chicago. Your calming energy and GRATITUDE for God’s blessings is inspirational. I feel this each time I stop by your blog. Thank YOU, dear Tonya, and I sure am grateful for you and your kind and gentle soul. Cher xo

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  3. That was a beautiful post. I particularly loved the beginning, as I often get awakened the same way, although by which other mammal in my house varies 🙂
    As you know, I practice gratitude daily. One of the things I’ve noticed lately is that when we invite people into our lives, in person, or even online, sometimes they point out new blessings. While it’s not accurate to say, “Tonya, if I had sheep on rolling green hills, I could never be sad,” there is something refreshing about a new perspective from someone else seeing from the outside.
    These things are good. There is so much good. I wish I had to stop daily to remember my complaints instead. Why are we like this?!? lol

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