Love, Attraction, and Chemistry…..Oh My!!

I thought I would share some favorite artwork and a few of my poems in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.  Hope you enjoy this little bit of Valentine’s Day fun!

Artwork by Donna Whitmore Tuten

*If you would like to read about Ms. Tuten and view more of her paintings, please click on the links at the end of this post.

“Chemistry of Connection” 

Two people

smiling, laughing–

connected by

a feeling, a flutter of

energy or magnetism;

moving together

into a mutual understanding–

an affinity:

souls intertwined.

~Tonya R. Hengerer

Acrostic poems are a kind of poetry where the first, last, or other letters  in a line spell out a particular word or phrase.  Acrostic poetry by Tonya R. Hengerer.



To someone who

Totally makes your heart



Clouds your thinking to the point of

Inciting an

Out-of-body experience–




Capricious state of being that

Humans share with one another

Evolving into


Intimate feelings with

Souls synchronizing in an effort

To mutually

Reflect an intensity of emotion–






Volumes of ardent




Lives intertwined in an

Ongoing partnership, because

Vows were made to

Endure the test of time.


“Valentine’s Day”


Alluding to

Lots of passionate

Emotion through


To someone with whom you’re

In love,

Not forgetting or


Some chocolates or a


Dozen roses

And, of course,

You must have champagne!


Happy Valentine’s Day!  

*Artwork by Donna Whitmore Tuten





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